TeachersFirst’s Must-Knows

These are topics every teacher needs to know about. Mark the pages in your favorites as a reference and share appropriate links with parents and students, as well.

Bullying and Cyberbullying
These reviewed resources are intended to help teachers, parents, and students manage the tough issues of bullying and cyberbullying. You will find useful ideas and strategies for students and adults to work together to erase bullying from the culture of your class and school.

Copyright and Fair Use
Find reviewed resources to help teachers, parents, and students understand concepts and tricky issues of copyright and Fair Use.

Help yourself and your students learn more about HIV/AIDS and plan projects or classroom activities related to this sensitive but important topic.

Internet Safety
Find the best reviewed resources to educate yourself and your students on Internet safety, including the “netiquette” of ethical online behavior. As the Internet becomes more and more the hub of entertainment, education, and communication, these issues are important for all students and adults.

School Violence
No one is ever prepared for school violence, but these resources can help you and your students understand this frightening topic when you see stories in the news or face incidents in your own school.

Study Skills
Help students learn how to learn with resources selected to help students discover their most effective study strategies. Find study tools, reading strategies, review ideas, and notetaking methods that students and teachers can try as separate lessons or --even better-- in the course of the regular curriculum.

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